Gladiator Gym

It's our way to make you feel more than home.

Gladiator Gym

The Gym has a wide range of modern equipment and trained staff. It offers a convenient setting to improve your fitness.


We have developed for you the perfect combination of Health and Beauty, a temple of wellbeing in the heart of Juba.

The Gladiator Gym, the best hotel in Juba offering its customers the exclusive treatments of this prestigious firm, in a perfect heaven of peace and relaxation wide space, equipped with whirlpool spa,  contrast and sensations shower, steam room, sauna and relaxation area.

Our method evaluates each customer individually, assigning the required program to each profile and getting excellent results, in addition to physical exercise training you need, hydration and health and beauty treatments.

We also have a fitness room, all equipped with the latest in Techno gym.